Site Leaders

We still need site leaders! If interested, Email Gabriel Bainbridge

Site Leaders are one of the most integral parts of Rice Habitat for Humanity, and are needed for every build.

What is a site leader?

Site Leaders of Rice Habitat are the heart and core of the chapter. We cannot have builds unless we have Site Leaders! Site Leaders assist and supervise Rice volunteers at the construction site. Since Rice students do not have the luxury of being in Houston for many years, Site Leaders are continuously trained. Learning little by little, site leaders eventually know how to supervise an entire team of builders by themselves. Site Leaders are normally able to go on any build they want, including group builds, as these groups will need a Site Leader to supervise them.

What does being a Site Leader require?

Site Leaders do NOT need to know all the answers! Anyone who finds building houses exciting and likes going on habitat builds should consider becoming a Site Leader. Even if you do not know much about construction, the current Site Leaders will be able to help you become a Site Leader and educate you about the construction.

Be sure to look at the Site Leader Manual!



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Rice Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit student organization which works towards Habitat's goal of eliminating inadequate housing. Rice Habitat works to extinguish inadequate housing in Houston by providing opportunities for the Rice community to volunteer with other Habitat affiliars.

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